The International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia-Pacific Region (IFLA APR) Congress and Council meetings are held to champion both local and global issues related to Landscape Architecture such as climate change, cultural adaptation and community resilience. At the forefront, landscape architecture addresses localised issues of mitigation and coastal resilience, due mainly to the region's scale and geographic characteristics. However, social sustainability has remained at the margins of professional discussions. Often overlooked are our basic responsibilities as landscape architects in this initiative: engaging with communities first, educating and learning from stakeholders; delivering our basic mandate of creating spaces for human use and enjoyment; capacity building for the present and future users of these spaces; and integrating cultural development with environmental systems.

On 7 to 9 November 2019, the Philippines will host the 78th International Federation of Landscape Architects – Asia-Pacific Region (IFLA-APR) Congress at Cebu City. As one of the biggest gatherings of landscape architects and representatives of various disciplines from across and beyond the region, the Congress provides a venue for the exchange of new ideas and development of knowledge not only on the profession but on society and the built and natural environment as well.

With the theme CommonsSense: Linking the Commons and Engaging the Community in Sustainable Development, the Congress will highlight the role of design in promoting social and environmental sustainability. It shall focus on the landscapes which, in a larger sense, link the region: its coastlines and water bodies and the ecosystems and settlements they support, the challenges they all face and the solutions being explored to achieve resilience and sustainability.


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Waterfront Hotel
Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Salinas Dr., Cebu City
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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